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Retail / Restaurant

Helping small businesses and restaurants.

Our team has decades of combined experience working in the retail and restaurant space. And with that has come years of experience learning about the best solutions for accepting payments. With custom solutions through various POS systems, integrating with hundreds of existing set-ups, and our hands-on training with staff, we've become a leader in being the best way to accept payments in your small business or restaurant. Learn more about what we can offer and how you can get started by reaching out to our team.

Business to Business

Reliable works hand in hand with business to business.

Business-to-business and government companies have a leg-up when processing credit cards. And that's level optimization. Many companies in this field are unaware of this merchant processing type, but thankfully Reliable Payments is here. With our custom solutions and optimization partners, we're able to work with businesses that accept cards from other businesses and the government to save potentially thousands of dollars every single year. Reach out to Reliable Payments today to see how we can work your business today and start saving money.

Home Services

Contractors, window installers, remodelers, the list goes on.

Whether you're installing windows, renovating bathrooms, or building an entire home, you're most likely focused on the quality of your project. And you'd be right for doing so! But accepting payments can be important, especially when it comes to high-dollar jobs. Reliable Payments works with home services companies to make sure you and your team have the right equipment in the field, while finding ways to lower your rates and save potentially thousands of dollars every single year. Reach out to Reliable to see how we can work with your company today!

Medical / Veterinarian

Helping those who help others.

As a medical practice helping humans or dogs, there's lots of things to make sure you're on top of. With patient care always being a top priority, payment processing might not always be top of mind for your practice. Reliable is here to make it easier than ever to make sure you're accepting payments efficiently at the lowest possible cost. With custom solutions and workarounds for those in the medical and veterinarian space, we're the perfect processor to have as a partner in your practice.


Helping businesses scale on the web.

Reliable Payments doesn't only focus on the world of accepting payments in-person. With a wide range of e-commerce options, we help companies online start accepting cards quickly and easily. Many companies might resort to Stripe or Square for a simple and easy experience, but Reliable offers that exact experience, with hands-on training, custom built solutions, and sometimes even lower rates. Reach out to us to get started today!


As a non-profit, choosing a processor can be difficult.

As a non-profit, it can be hard juggling all the regulations that come with accepting payments and what to do with the funds. At Reliable Payments, we make it easy to build solutions around your specific non-profit. Whether that's working with existing donor management platforms, or getting you started from the ground up, we're able to help you and your non-profit thrive with accepting cards.


Here to support students and staff in all settings.

You will find flexible, cost-effective solutions geared for education payment processing here with Reliable Payments. We can connect you with the services you’ll need to collect a variety of payment methods, and give your students more payment flexibility. Our team can help you ensure that your institution is PCI compliant, and that you reduce the risk of fraudulent charges. Whether your organization is a large university, a private college, a private school, a nursery school, or a trade school, our payment solutions scale to your specific needs. Let our team connect you to the processing and equipment selections needed for your students and staff to process a variety of payments.

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