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Solving the needs of online businesses.

Take advantage of our Hosted Payment Page, complementary with any merchant account. Our CardPointe HPP is directly integrated with the CardConnect Gateway, which offers users one centralized, secure payments solution; making this the perfect tool for businesses with online stores that are in need of simple eCommerce functionality. The best part? No developers needed, an easy pay/buy now button, and you can accept charitable donations! An online business’ best friend. The CardPointe Hosted Payment Page comes with editable design options so you can customize your online checkout pages to match your business’ branding, for a truly customized shopping experience.

  • Reduced PCI-DSS scope — sensitive payment data will never reside in your system.
  • Access to CardPointe’s advanced security features, including tokenization and double-encryption of credentials.
  • Real-time transaction management via the CardPointe Platform.
  • Need more than just a Pay/Buy Now button? Through our relationships with many shopping cart and ecommerce softwares, we can work with you to find the best technology that fits your needs, so you can focus on growing your business.

Gift Cards & Loyalty Programs

Build loyalty and bring back customers with gift cards.

Gift cards connect you to your customers in ways no other product can. Gift card programs continue to be a top revenue producing product. We have programs that are designed for merchants of all sizes. Our platforms allow for easy tracking and reporting. Offer your customers the most requested gifting option. Gift cards are a smart and affordable way to grow.
  • Boost Sales & Revenue while building brand loyalty.
  • Drive Foot Traffic into Existing Locations.
  • Acquire New Customers and generate repeat business.
  • Increase Average Ticket Spend

Level II & III Processing

If you're doing B2B or government payments, you want to know about this.

Do you have customers that are businesses or government entities? If you do, you NEED to learn about our Interchange Optimization feature within the CardPointe Platform.

In any business setting, it is imperative for merchants that accept business-to-business cards to utilize Level 2, and Level 3 transactions to their benefit. Accepting these transactions allows merchants to manage the cost of their overall credit card processing expenses. What is Level 2 and Level 3? These are interchange categories introduced by VISA and Mastercard to incentivize B2B and B2G transactions.
They are significantly lower than the normal “purchasing” or “corporate” card rates most businesses see. However, in order to qualify for these transactions, businesses must enter in multiple lines of additional data on each transaction. The CardPointe Virtual Terminal automatically enters this data for merchant. Merchants receive the best possible interchange category and rate per purchase for the card type accepted by submitting line item information to Visa and MasterCard. Potential savings range from 20 basis points (.20%) to 90 basis points (.90%). That saves merchants up to $90 for every $10,000 in processing.

Mobile Processing

Process payments while on the go.

Extend the power of the CardPointe platform to your smartphone or tablet for the ultimate on-the-go payments experience. The CardPointe Mobile app is both sophisticated and user-friendly. Securely accept payments with all major credit cards on your tablet or smartphone by manually entering card information, or swiping with a connected device.
  • Filter transactions by location, check the amount, date/time, status, and location of every batch.
  • Access the details of when funds are deposited into your account.
  • Subscribe to a number of alerts about your business, e.g. chargeback events, issued refunds, and declined transactions.
  • With this all-in-one technology, you can easily create customer profiles, securely store card information, and apply gratuity, all with the press of a finger.

Payroll Services

We've partnered with Dominion Payroll.

Dominion Payroll is a leader in payroll and human resource solutions for clients nationwide. We offer a different experience than the competition with our focus on greater productivity and increased customer service. Our cloud based human capital management solution integrates payroll, time and attendance, benefits administration and HR into one easily manageable system. We also offer additional solutions with background checks, talent acquisition, applicant tracking and electronic onboarding. Our dedication to customer service and investment in technology has helped Dominion Payroll grow to thousands of clients ranging in size from 1 to 2,500 employees. We have a wealth of experience helping clients of all shapes and sizes manage the business of employment.
  • Dominion Payroll was founded on the principle of treating customers as we would like to be treated. 18 years later we still bring that attention to client detail to every relationship we make.
  • With our no-voicemail policy you can be assured that our well-trained client services team is ready to take your call live and address your concerns in real time.
  • We offer continued free client training on everything from running our platform to report writing and set up.
  • One system for all of your workforce management needs. Our cloud-based platform iSolved integrates payroll, HR, benefits and onboarding into one easy to use system.

Point of Sale

The traditional point of sale.

Reliable Payments creates solutions specific to both setting up new POS systems, and integrating with existing ones. Here at Reliable we rely on working with various point of sale partners to make sure we have the solutions to fit any and all businesses, but we put a big focus on Clover.

Clover is designed to be flexible enough to meet the unique needs of merchants. They provide merchants with the right mix of POS hardware and software to take credit cards, EMV chip and contactless payments from customers – safely and securely. In addition, they give merchants the tools to pump up sales with both their new customers and their biggest fans. Clover Station is the point of sale and payments system for merchants that want to simplify and centralize payment acceptance, customer engagement and operations management using one integrated device.
  • Filter transactions by location, check the amount, date/time, status, and location of every batch.
  • Access the details of when funds are deposited into your account.
  • Subscribe to a number of alerts about your business, e.g. chargeback events, issued refunds, and declined transactions.
  • With this all-in-one technology, you can easily create customer profiles, securely store card information, and apply gratuity, all with the press of a finger.

Virtual Terminal

Accept cards even when they aren't available.

The CardPointe Virtual Terminal is a browser-based point-of-sale system that comes complimentary with a merchant account. It allows businesses to accept both card-present and card-not-present transactions in-person or over-the-phone. It’s secured with our patented tokenization and can be paired with devices protected by our PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE).

You can even integrate our powerful Bolt P2PE devices to your Virtual Terminal, for transactions protected by EMV or chip card technology.

Securely store customer payment information with ease: For those businesses with repeat customers, you do not have to worry about collecting payment information every time you run a transaction, eliminating any security concerns on your behalf and on the behalf of your customers. You can easily store their information, so that the next time a bill comes due, you can easily access their saved information and run a transaction within our virtual terminal.
Setup easy recurring payments to ensure you get paid on time, every time: The CardPointe virtual terminal provides the ability to quickly create recurring billing plans for your customers. Billing plans are ideal for subscription-based services, such as fitness club memberships and mobile phone plans, as well as for recurring payment plans, such as auto loans and hospital bills.

Clear, simple reporting, at the click of a mouse: You have full access to a wide variety of reports, across all transactions, dates, and methods of payments. Whether you are using our virtual terminal, our integrated standalone terminals, our mobile app, or our hosted payment page, or all of the above, you can easily get a report of any and all transactions run through your CardPointe account. (hyperlink each of the techs mentioned in this last sentence.

Zero-Fee Processing

Pass the fee on to customers and stay in compliance

Accept credit cards at 0% cost, and achieve 100% compliance, plain and simple! With our Zero-Fee processing solution, businesses no longer have to bear the burden of high processing fees as the cost of doing business. With this option, you receive 100% of every credit card sale. You pay only for debit card transactions.
  • Fully Compliant: Let us be the experts, so you can focus on your business. With this solution, all the rules and regulations are covered, and you are fully compliant. You are automatically covered.
  • Customer friendly: Our solution passes the fee for credit card transactions only. Your customers can always choose debit as a no-fee option.
  • In person, in office, online? Doesn’t matter: Whether your customers are face-to-face, over-the-phone, or online, we’ve got you covered.

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