Level II & III Processing

If you're doing B2B or government payments, you want to know about this.

Level II and Level III processing can lower your rates significantly.

Do you have customers that are businesses or government entities? If you do, you NEED to learn about our Interchange Optimization feature within the CardPointe Platform.

In any business setting, it is imperative for merchants that accept business-to-business cards to utilize Level 2, and Level 3 transactions to their benefit. Accepting these transactions allows merchants to manage the cost of their overall credit card processing expenses.

What is Level 2 and Level 3? These are interchange categories introduced by VISA and Mastercard to incentivize B2B and B2G transactions. They are significantly lower than the normal “purchasing” or “corporate” card rates most businesses see. However, in order to qualify for these transactions, businesses must enter in multiple lines of additional data on each transaction. The CardPointe Virtual Terminal automatically enters this data for merchant. Merchants receive the best possible interchange category and rate per purchase for the card type accepted by submitting line item information to Visa and MasterCard. Potential savings range from 20 basis points (.20%) to 90 basis points (.90%). That saves merchants up to $90 for every $10,000 in processing.

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