Virtual Terminal

Accept cards even when they aren't available.

Also known as a virtual terminal or back-office processing, accept credit cards over the phone or just through a number.

The CardPointe Virtual Terminal is a browser-based point-of-sale system that comes complimentary with a merchant account. It allows businesses to accept both card-present and card-not-present transactions in-person or over-the-phone. It’s secured with our patented tokenization and can be paired with devices protected by our PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE).

You can even integrate our powerful Bolt P2PE devices to
 your Virtual Terminal, for transactions protected by EMV
 or chip card technology.

Securely store customer payment information with ease: For those businesses with repeat customers, you do not have to worry about collecting payment information every time you run a transaction, eliminating any security concerns on your behalf and on the behalf of your customers. You can easily store their information, so that the next time a bill comes due, you can easily access their saved information and run a transaction within our virtual terminal.

Setup easy recurring payments to ensure you get paid on time, every time: The CardPointe virtual terminal provides the ability to quickly create recurring billing plans for your customers. Billing plans are ideal for subscription-based services, such as fitness club memberships and mobile phone plans, as well as for recurring payment plans, such as auto loans and hospital bills.

Clear, simple reporting, at the click of a mouse: You have full access to a wide variety of reports, across all transactions, dates, and methods of payments. Whether you are using our virtual terminal, our integrated standalone terminals, our mobile app, or our hosted payment page, or all of the above, you can easily get a report of any and all transactions run through your CardPointe account. (hyperlink each of the techs mentioned in this last sentence.

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